The Book of Becoming (2020-2021)

This body of work marked the emergence of book form in my textile practice. Unique discoveries were made, reinforcing the enormity of language for my psyche. I  attuned to creative need of separating writing as a textual element from textile practice, both realms coexisting harmoniously through research and descriptive, critical articulation of studio outcomes that codify language poetically, examining cloth as text.

Assemblage ‘The Book of Becoming’ was created within reflective practice of MA, Textiles. It represents a journey of becoming, unravelling, rooted in heritage, empowered by creative passion, resilience at core, steeped in glorious hues of global cultural tradition.

Six textile book-sculptures, Roots, Fire Within, Manuscripts don’t Burn, Wonder, Tabula Rasa & Rosa Muse-Bookmark, and Poesia, form a notional, poetic journey of becoming – a recurring theme, further developed in Archaeologies Installation (2021). Poesia element was a structural ‘breakthrough’ for practice and a first wired sculpture I made, starting a new and exciting chapter.

My journey in cloth is communicated through physical and conceptual book form, natural dyes and visual poetry. It addresses universal connectivity – through nature, humanness, private and collective value of shared histories, knowledge, art as an imperishable, globally understood language. I thread profound connection to world’s cultures through cloth and book. My books are a private poetic reflection on the essence of life, a mind map of memories, familiar journeys undertaken by most, – rising from heritage roots in search of identity, becoming, revealing, fusing into cultural continuum.

I attempt to portray ambivalence of our fragile existence, human vulnerability, alongside immense strength of mind and spirit, creating a space for both silence and discussion, sharing collective cultural memories. Personal origins of work, once externalised and encrypted, expand the book as a form and a mind space.

Codex structure and Coptic binding are most suited for my conceptual considerations. Their simplicity echoes elemental quality of nature, whose rhythms and forms inspire me. Its open spine celebrates true handmade quality and allows transition into the realm of artist books preserving integrity of the book form, yet exploring limitless artistic possibilities.

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