Rose Perpetual (2022)


This miniature artwork is an embodiment of themes, cultivated in practice for many years, and is very personal to me. I hope, also, universally relatable within a wider context of human journeys through life. Resulting book-sculpture examines power of memory, identity, rhythms of nature echoing our own, connection to ancestral knowledge and, above all, hope.

Symbolic value of rose and book, fluidity and narrative potential of textiles, metaphoric use of gold, subvert the idea of preciousness. Most invaluable treasures are all around us, in the enduring beauty of nature, perpetuity of culture, the work of human hands and within us.

Rose Perpetual (2022), Artist Book Textile Sculpture. Natural Silk, Natural Dyes, Bees Wax, 23 ct Genuine Gold Leaf, Stainless Steel Wire, Rose Thorns, Antique Gold Thread and Bobbin, Original Poetry. Handmade. 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm.

Please, click on the link below, should you wish to discover what lies beneath the surface…

View Rose Perpetual Concept and Context

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