Photography Backdrop Narrative Cloth

(available for commissions in unique, personalised chromatic outcomes and natural textiles)


Originally created for Matthew Burch Photography Studio, Farnham, Surrey, as a narrative art-cloth, this silk noil product was dyed using leaf fall and other natural ingredients, local to my own and photographer’s practice, making the work both sustainable and personal. This principle could also be applied to future commissions.

Versatility of this beautiful, heavy organic silk is in its almost theatrical atmospheric quality, reversibility and tactile draping, allowing to use the cloth as a backdrop for images, a prop or display surface for 3D products or even an adornment in portraiture. Choices of natural textiles and desired chromatic outcomes could be discussed and personalised, ranging from heavy natural silks and linens (antique cloth could be sourced) to rich choice of colour variations. No chemicals have been used, which is true to practice in general. This really is a lasting investment: unlike traditional canvas and paper backdrops, natural textiles are more durable, their ‘living colour’ developing with time beautifully. Nuanced, irregular design occurring naturally due to my particular approach to natural dyeing, removes any concern about staining, besides, the cloth could easily be over-dyed if required.

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