Archaeologies (2021)

Archaeologies Installation, was my MA final project, – a result of life experiences, 2 years research, 6 months of impassioned, labour-intensive work, entirely by hand, a culmination of an inquiry into transversal points between art and language, placed within textile medium. Capacity of cloth to carry narratives is juxtaposed with that of the book – to transcend its form and become an idea. Six sculptures are a tactile, visceral exploration of materiality.

Asemic quality of book sculptures invites the viewer to reflect on their inner self, thus – complete my work. Timeless beauty of cloth, book’s ancient tensions, simultaneously reveal and conceal. Resulting momentum poetically alludes to life’s journey, language, constructing whole from fragmentation – page by page, thread by thread, soul by soul.

Layering is repeatedly employed, symbolising our relationship with time and sense of remembrance – some of the central themes in my work. Chromatic complexity, achieved through ancient natural dyeing techniques, references multiculturalism. Fraying, melancholic quality of unspoken and codified offer highly engaging sensory value, wilful departure from reality, certain mytho-poetic momentum. Structure suggests simultaneously strength and vulnerability of humanness.  Juxtaposing finesse and complexity against raw simplicity of nature results in an ancient productive tension,  both new and evocative.

Please, click on a link, should you wish to discover what lies beneath the surface…

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